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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Job Snob speaks out from "coward's castle"

Breaking news.

It seems that Tony Windsor, an independent federal MP of unblemished reputation, has identified under Parliamentary Privilege Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson, Deputy Leader of the Senate, Sandy Macdonald, and a brunette stranger (no relation to the red headed stranger at FX's) as the figures who sent some people to talk to him about what he might like to do for a job government-wise, if - oh, say, for instance ... um - he happened not to run in New England the October 9 election.

Apparently Anderson will respond in Parliament tonight. Interesting that he's saving his response for Parliament, presumably to enjoy the protection of the same privilege extended to Windsor. I expect some first rate slagging over the next few days. In a loving way, of course.


PS - just heard John Anderson on the SBS news. He repudiates the claim, was out of town, saw nothing and you can't prove a thing. And the Lateline transcript should be here soon. (What an idiot I am to have missed it on telly, while I'm staying up and all.)