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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Radio Irrational

Goodness me, I can’t tell you how many latte sipping overeducated mothers of small children of my acquaintance have been kept sane by listening to Radio National on some of those loooong days at home with little people.

I’ve even taken to listening to the right wing Phillip Adams, Michael Duffy, on a Monday afternoons. I’d certainly rather listen to him talk to Racial Realist (TM) Associate Professor Andrew Fraser of Macquarie University (just) than hear Terry Lane ask Bob Carr why he wasn’t Jim Cairns, which also happened yesterday afternoon. Just briefly, I felt Bob's pain.

(And speaking of right wing journalists, and channeling Miranda Devine here for a moment, have a look at this picture and tell me Janet Albrechtson couldn’t use some lippy:


Oh God, I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself.)

Anyhoo, so AssProf Fraser was blathering on about how Africans are dumb but sporty. And for anyone under a rock since this all started, I’m not making this up, the bloke genuinely believes that the White Australia policy should not have been “discarded” and that “it’s just a fact” that an increasing black population around Parramatta will lead to increased crime.

It was a pretty bloody soft interview I thought, but Fraser did all the best work himself:

Michael Duffy: Do you think the Sudanese people around Parramatta would have been offended or hurt by what you said?

Andrew Fraser: Well, they claimed to have been. I personally don't believe it. I mean, I think really, once again, it's a stick to beat me and white Australia over the head with. They are a group of people who, once again, have a clear sense of their identity as Africans, and a clear desire to promote their particular ethnic interests.

Those blacks are so dumb they couldn’t possibly be offended by being called stupid and criminal on the basis of their race. I hope one of them kicks him in the shins and runs away very fast. Apparently they’re quite speedy, them nigras.