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Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's a knockout!

I decided to try a new boxing class tonight. I am, as the Brazilians say "on a regime" and the relentlessly unchanging PCYC boxing class was sapping my motivation. So I went to the AIS, which costs three dollars more.

I was happy about every one of those three hundred cents when I realised the class was next to a big pack of giantic buff teenage boys doing a "beep test"* as part of the AFL draft camp. I can assure you all that the future of AFL appears to be in safe hands. And thighs. Yes, thighs. I could go on a lot more about teenage totty but I fear what those googlepervs will make of it. Once they get tired of "husbang watching wife getting fuck", "sister loves my cock" and "men pashing".

Incidentally, I would also be very glad for any explanation as how crazybrave happens to rock up No. 2 on this classy string. The porn merchants must not care enough to try.

* Sadly, a "beep test" is not quite as exciting as the name suggests.