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Friday, December 23, 2005

Too Much Information

Parents, husbang and child all asleep, and I've been reading blogs, finishing the wine and periodically throwing myself in the new supersonic 10 ft round blow up pool in the backyard. I saw the "five weird things about me" meme at Pavlov's Cat and Moment to Moment and couldn't resist:

1. Sometimes, if it is really extremely hot, I have been known to put my foot in the toilet and flush it. I developed this habit shortly after I moved to Brisbane in a mid-nineties summer , having lived in Canberra for five years before that. I know this habit is weird because of the look on the husbang's face when he told his mother about it.*

2. I get very cut if people don't move out of the way of emergency vehicles with sirens on. I acknowledge there is a small chance that they are in a hurry because the doughnut shop is about to shut. But I don't think we can have a civil society where people obstruct emergency vehicles, even misguided ones.

3. I call cotton buds "ear sticks" and use really enormously large quantities of them. I am having an operation soon which will hopefully render this uneccessary.

4. If my car doesn't start - which is not infrequent - I rub my palms together so that the energy points in their middle heats up and put them on the bits of the dash that I feel need it, and ask it to start. Mostly it works.

5. At least a couple of times a week I am so overcome by joy to be with my son, and at the person he is, that I start weeping. At the time of writing, he appears psychologically undamaged by this. He really is that cool a kid it would bring you to tears to be his mother.

OK, really am going on holiday now.

* Luckily I was able to maintain my dignity by retaliating with a habit of of his which I found to be something of an argument-settler.