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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Post Election Therapy

Vile tories. Posted by Hello

My elderly neighbour Kev gave me a big box of second hand books he had been given recently, because he's "not a reader". He may not be a reader, but he certainly is marvellous to have around. For a start he wears pro-gun, anti Barrie Unsworth T-shirts. That plural is correct, he has a couple of different styles. And because he is becoming demented, his wife Mad Dot has a ripper of a cap they've had embroidered with "DORIS" so he can find her at the shops.

And because he is a sweet and generous soul, the kind of man who grows extra veggies so he's got plenty to give away, he gave me a big box of books. Sadly they are absolutely terrible (except for the copy of Barchester Towers that snuck in there), but they have provided me with a giggle today, which is always welcome. Cheers, Kev.