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Monday, June 06, 2005

"simultaneously gay and irresistible to women"

Ducky and I met up with harry yesterday for a drinkie. The post title is his self description to enable us to identify him. As it turned out we had to wait for quite some time which was apparently related to the excellence of the directions I had provided.

Duck wondered whether harry was the 400 year old man in the orange kombi with a long grey ponytail who kept doing laps of the car park, but I reminded her that he was supposed to be in his twenties and strangely attractive.

Cruelly, she reminded me that people can lie on the internet, and when I reconsidered his self-description, I started thinking of someone more like this:

not harry

Not harry, though. Motorsport boxer shorts showing through your tulle is quite resistible, I find.

I'd had a couple of beers by this stage, and my imagination had moved on to something (hopefully) more accurate. Like, oh - I dunno, maybe this:

sadly, not harry

Eventually the real harry arrived. He was immediately identifiable because he was leering and caressing his own elbow. And as a result of a brief but detailed presentation that he had prepared earlier, I can now sort something out once and for all:

Army Pants:

army pants

This is not harry (although I can't promise it's not DREADNOUGHT). As we can see, "Army Pants" are cool, and have no side pockets.

Cargo Pants:

cargo pants

I am fairly sure this is not harry either, as he would never wear cargo pants. They have pockets on the side, which is A Bad Thing.

The pants presentation was a surprise. But perhaps I should have expected that kind of effort after seeing the thoroughness he displayed in this comment thread at Duck's.