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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Op shopper of the day award

The little guy and I went op shopping this morning, trying to find a special silver shirt for the husbang which you'll soon see here if a little project we've been hatching comes off.

We had some marvellous luck, scoring a spiderman action figure (apparently the toddlers go gay if you call them a doll, which is what they actually are), a marvellous silver-ish spoon which says "Tamworth" and has a little kind of house-y shed structure on it and a nostalgic red trucker cap which says "CES". The hat would have looked great with my vintage "Labor Against Uranium" badge which I gave to a friend years ago and have regretted ever since.

As for best dressed shopper, technically it had to go to the tall bearded dude wearing a hoodie inscribed "Lycanthropy Athletic". But there's a special place in my heart for the scraggy lookin' (white) mother buying her particularly attractive four month old (black) baby a t-shirt that said "If you think I'm good lookin', you should see my dad!"