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Friday, January 06, 2006


My darling Pammy and I had planned to take our three year olds to Summernats this year, but she rooned that plan by cruelly moving to Brisbane. *sniff*

Undeterred, I hatched a scheme to pop my Summernats cherry today with my mate Ross. We had planned to make an anthropological excursion but as he disappeared out our front door with a scary gleam in his eye on Friday night and hasn't been heard from since I think I will wait 'til next year and go on the Saturday - Sunday's events are mostly presentations, although we did hear some roaring late this morning (it's held about one and a half k from our place).

There's plenty of fun to be had outside the compound of course, driving around behind cars like this one:

with a couple of nice looking kids in the backseat. Wonder what they think it means?

It's also been tops spotting the funnies, like the crappy old car with half a dozen toilet rolls covered in foil stuck on the bonnet, or the slightly flasher one with "Not for sale" and a mobile number written on the window.

Last night Sage had a sleepover at my Aunty Tiser's, so we rode our pushies down Northbourne Avenue just as the cruising hotted up. I highly recommend this, as it provides an opportunity to follow particularly groovy cars into hotel parking lots, befriend the charming owners and be invited to HAVE SITS IN THEIR COOL CARS!!! This one's numberplate is "PUBCAR". Give 'em a wave for me if you pass by.

Then we rode to Canberra Hoon Central, aka Braddon. We went to Debacle, and scored a prime kerbside table. We ate yummy seafood pizza and drank giant Erdinger beers and tekillya and got to enjoy the parade without the bosoms rampant. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Here are some entertaining, if not quite rampant, bosoms kindly offered for photography:

I tried to take a picture of the excited baby hanging out the window of a parked car, eyes huge, but it was too dark. However there were many beautiful and entertaining vehicles, and numberplates. Owy's favourite was this one:

This one I found a bit unsettling. Personally I'd want something a bit flashier than a Commodore for that particular deal:

Glen Fuller has posted some thoughts and some triffic photos too.

For the dedicated, the official site photos are here.