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Friday, July 21, 2006

We shall fight *coughs* in the fields and in the streets!

Being a post in honour of Miss Lucy Tartan's "Hot Statutory Pron!" , a series at Sorrow at Sill's Bend which guides us through the open air sculpture of Melbourne. She's encouraged others to join in, but I have until now resisted, due to the calibre of most of the sculpture in Canberra being what it is (oh, and me knowing bugger all about sculpture except what I don't like).

There's something really nice about working at my old university - the rush of nostalgia that comes from cycling past old haunts or seeing the same dishes (and very possibly the same actual food) at the Asian Bistro, that kind of caper.

Of course, much has changed and there are sometimes surprises lurking in the bushes.

WC 1

Can you see it lurking?

WC 2

Here, little bit closer - see it now?

WC 3

Yeah, that's right - behind the monkey bars!

WC 4

What the devil- it's Winston Churchill!

This statue, a cast of the one opposite the Palace of Westminster in London, used to grace Churchill House on Northbourne Avenue. Churchill House seems to have relocated and brought Winston with them. He was quite tucked away at his old home, but you would have to be VERY dedicated to find him here.

There's a special reason I am so fond of this statue. A million moons ago when the sweet'n'sour pork was first gracing the Asian Bistro's bain marie, my best mate's housemate was going out with a Liberal party staffer. For a rather high profile and horrid MP. (I know! She couldn't evict her, she was there first.) The boyfriend went on to grace the inner circle of the Prime Minister and - but I musn't, for I'm not whispering this in your ear at the pub, am I?

Anyhow, said boyfriend/staffer shared his later boss' enormous respect and affection for Winston Churchill. But also liked a bit of outdoor romance. And why not combine the things you love? Even if it is on Northbourne Avenue.

I wonder whether he had a hand in moving the statute to this much more discreet location?

WC 6

I wonder if she held onto his foot?

WC 8

Did she cry out, and what did she say?

And what do you think John Winston's saying here?