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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Some thoughts on Peter Costello

From today's Australian:
Costello felt liberated by the thought of telling the truth about the 1994 meeting, but wasn't about to become a martyr on the backbench in the name of leadership pursuit.
Oh, shit or get off the pot you big sooky la la.


Did Mischa catch this juicy rat by asking nicely and waiting politely? Well, no.

And my, aren't The Smiths good for songs to dedicate to politicians? Here's one for the Treasurer.

PS - later in the same article we're advised "Amanda Vanstone, in a hot pink top, said she was looking forward to a constructive cabinet meeting." Jesus Christ, they'll tell us she's fat next. FFS. The article's credited to Steve Lewis and Dennis Shanahan. It's an embarrassment that (a) either of them thought Vanstone's blouse was front page material, and (b) the subby didn't get rid of it.

- don't miss Gianna's beautiful take on the same irritating sentence at She Sells Sanctuary.

PPS - the carcinogenic artificial sweetener on the window sill is for my Dad. Honest. He likes it.