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Friday, July 30, 2004

listening to music (and using brackets)

The little guy is asleep, so no loud music. And when he is awake, no properly loud music (although he is quite tolerant of 70's progressive jazz and is very fond of the Hooley Dooleys). So tomorrow, when he has his first long day in the day care centre, mummy is going to play SOME VERY LOUD MUSIC.

Right now, it's the Dissociatives, but after that on the changer is the latest John Frusciante record, for the simple reason that it's the 2nd best there is (the best is his last one, which I have heard approximately one million times). When I first started listening to his music, it was because O loved it. His solo records (Frusicante, not O) were quite frightening. Or, as my beloved Lisa would say, fridening. But you can ignore those, and just hook into the amazing and more accessible stuff. I recommend that you do.