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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Swings and Roundabouts

Well, it's a big fat swing to the ALP, bless my fellow Canberrans.

There's even a slim chance that Marvellous Mike may get up. I am just so totally crushed that I didn't find out about him until Friday night, I would have been out there every minute of the day encouraging everyone to "Make it Mike!". Not that anyresemblance would need any encouragement, she completely hearts him already.

(And thank you so very much to my friend Steev, who snuck around while we were at the Murrumbatemen field day admiring fancy chooks and letting the little guy sit in tractors and popped a "Make it Mike!" sign in my front yard. You are a prince amongst men.)

Some attention is being paid to this matter over at Back Pages. Bizarrely, no mention of Mike.