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Friday, December 17, 2004

Don't tell me you can't see it

I have been copping a bit of flak at Troppo for commenting that SBS Movie Show presenter Fenella Kernebone looks like (the young) Roger Waters.


Couldn't find a proper picture of Fenella (or an improper one, settle down) so you'll have to imagine.

"Unspeakably harsh" or uncanny? Make up your own mind.

PS The award for comment of the year that most cracked Zoe up goes to FX Holden for calling DREADNOUGHT "the only gay in the village", also at Troppo.

Update: Thanks to the sleuthing skills of Mick from
to blog or not to blog, we now have a picture for comparison purposes:

Not Roger Waters

See what I mean?

And Haloscan is apparently on the fritz, so feel free to send an email agreeing with me.