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Thursday, December 16, 2004

The things that flatter

Is the author of this 13 years old or an idiot? Or a comedic genius? Or (d) all of the above? Some gems:

From the "Alexander Downer is LOYAL!" section: "When there was all that unpleasantness about refugee children swimming in water, who tried to set the record straight? Alexander Downer did!" and "He kept John Howard from leading the Liberals for a few extra months!"

From the Q&A: "Q. Did Mr Downer ever wear high-heel shoes and stockings?
A. This question is asked to me a lot. The short answer is "yes". The long answer is that Alexander Downer was helping to promote local industry. I wish all MPs worked that hard."

From "The Future": "What does the future hold for Australia and Alexander Downer??????? Well, it goes without saying that he would be the best Liberal PM ever, but he will probably never get the job because he isn't cruel enough. He's like a labrador surrounded by pit-bulls ... I know which one I would want to help me across the road. Perhaps if (sic)"

There is a great deal more and I strongly advise those feeling a bit glum to visit.

"Thanks for visiting my Alexander Downer web-site!!! I hope you now feel better about Alexander Downer and will pay more attention to him in the future. You won't be disappointed!!!"

No worries. No, but I will anyway. I am certain I will be.

via Steev at woodenspoon