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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Cliches are cliches because they're true

Exhibit No. 1: "It's just not cricket."

This year, O has started playing 4th grade (ie very social) cricket of a Saturday afternoon. I have been heard to whine about this in my more self indulgent cancer-ish moments because it means I have to toddler-wrangle solo for that time. But it makes O happy and fit and he has made some new mates, so it's a good thing.

I grew up listening to political horse trading on the phone, because both my parents were very involved with the ALP and had things to sort out as a consequence. So it was very funny to hear O having similar conversations with his cricket mates tonight.

One rang home during the day to get O's email because "there's stuff going down with the team". The Board had called their captain in to tell him that they didn't think he had a sufficiently competitive attitude and was being replaced.

They were trying to stack the 4th grade team games with over qualified players to qualify those players for the grand final. For the suburban Canberra 4th grade competition. Because it's that important.

It seems they have failed, for the ten players who aren't "ring ins" reject the new proposed captain and will not play on Saturday. With a couple more mates roped in they can field an independent team in which they will not be bullied by suburban bullies, but can play cricket for fun.

Perhaps they can get a Eureka flag for their new team symbol?