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Thursday, December 23, 2004

I am so not gay!

I read a review of Ian Thorpe's biography on the weekend. I know, I know, I'm right up to date, but it's holidays goddamit.

ohmigod my hair!

Apart from thinking it would have been reasonable for him to brush his hair for the cover photo, the bit of the SMH review I most enjoyed was this:

Rumours about Thorpe's sexuality are dealt with directly but briefly. Hunter says Thorpe is not gay. He quotes Thorpe about a trip to Italy: "The girls have got the biggest heels, and they scoot around on their Vespas honking their horns and yelling abuse at people. When they get really upset they take their helmets off before they start screaming, and they look absolutely perfect. Then they just walk off, very dignified. I like their style." This is a lad who likes girls and fashion.

Righty-ho then. Because no gaylord has ever had a moment of admiration for a luscious Italian style queen in a rage. I am so way totally convinced!

But just to make completely sure, show me another straighty 180 in a white suit and t-shirt on their way to court. Just one. From anywhere in the world. Even Milan.

I dare you.