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Thursday, December 02, 2004

An announcement

Zoe and O are proud to announce the birth of two bobcats. Last weekend, after Sage was asleep, we drank some wine and played some records. I had heard "Like a Rolling Stone" on Radio National just after it was announced to be the bestest song ever. I sat down and really listened to it, and was blown away. I went and dug out the vinyl Bob that we keep in the spare room (not in a yucky way).

The version of "Rolling Stone" I had was on "Masterpieces" and it was horrible, so we put on another record we'd bought at a garage sale and never played. It is a pristine copy of Blood on the Tracks. (I have since been looking at the net and realising how serious people are about this record. Sheesh. But it is that good.)

Just after the end of "The Jack of Hearts" there were two muffled explosive sounds and the power went off. We went out to the front yard and the sky looked like this:

Picture by O Posted by Hello

It hasn't been off the turntable since. It's on now, and O just said "Why haven't I been listening to this for the last fifteen years?". Anyone who has heard some of his more special selections could ask the same question.

PS O's current favourite is "Bucket of Rain" and mine is "Idiot Wind". Both subject to change.