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Monday, March 21, 2005

Cheap fun and an easy post

Every year, for Canberra Day, there is a "Balloon Fiesta". Which is a stupid name, but that's what they call it.

About 50 hot air balloons take off each morning from the lawns in front of Old Parliament House. We thought about going last year, but Sage was waking up at 4:30 in the morning most of the time so we were too shitty by the time we would have to leave to ever go. Well, whoever's turn it was to be up was shitty while the other one was blissfully asleep and going nowhere. So when we heard him at 6:30 this morning we decided we should go and catch the last day.

I'm so glad we did, it was fun to watch Sage's face as a log with parrots on it and giant entwined bees drifted into the air. It was fun for the grown-ups to watch the ones that looked like they weren't going to make it, then hear the roar of the jets and see them shoot up just above the treeline.

I wished there were a few less people there, and that the irritating woman on the tannoy would shut up. I knew I was being selfish, but I would love to hear the balloons firing up in silence. I imagine that forking out a few hundred bucks at another time of year could sort that for you, if you really had to have it.

This photo was taken by O. The ones I took were all shite, but there are some excellent ones at the official site.

I wanted to put this up after reading a post by Kathy from Zucchinis in Bikinis about tightarse family fun. Clive Hamilton would be proud of us.