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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Something is Rotten - with particular reference to the otherwise sensible Messrs. Christopher Sheil and Mark Bahnisch

I can understand a lot of things, particularly when it comes to the human heart and crutch.

But I cannot understand this mooning over princess Mary of Denmark, or whatever she likes to call herself.

Now I agree with lovely new blogger Sam, aka Queer Penguin, (has he not the sweetest smile? - and do ignore the Cher bit, but read all the rest), that her looks have been significantly overstated (She is not in Cate's class, ey Sam?).

She's certainly not unattractive, but please, people. Pause. Deep breath. Look at the company you're keeping.

"Princess Mary is an attractive young woman and she's new, and this is her first visit as a princess, so she does remind us of the magic of the monarchy," ACM national convenor Professor David Flint said.

"He (Prince Charles) has been here before and is a middle-aged man. I suppose the young tend to ignite magic and I have no doubt that when Prince William comes ... he too will reignite the magic."
Well, we've all seen what happens when Prince Harry ignites magic.

Y'know, I jumped straight to the David Flint, there. Sorry. Others should know that Tony Frickin' Abbott is speechless at the non-aborting excitement of it all. All in that link up there.

What's more, I am very sorry, but I am still so enamoured of a certain Mr Peter Ransen's prize winning comment last year that I cannot resist re-posting it. It's a response to a comment from Lord Sedgewick at backpages. What a blog that was. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, let's eavesdrop on the topic of media impartiality:

"David Flint today insisted he had never exhibited any actual bias."

"actual bias"? As opposed to? Non-core bias? Core bias? Bias binding? Bias anothery? ... but it sounds a good epitaph. Deluded to the end.

No doubt we'll bump into him every now and then. A tragic but elegant, more sin-binned against than sinning lonely figure straining against the cold winds of change and injustice as he makes his lonely daily pilgrimage to the Windsor for his mourning Earl Grey with a dash.

An object lesson to all would be cutters and runners.
Posted by: Sedgwick at June 7, 2004 04:13 PM

Elegantly dragging a rhinohide briefcase (shot by Rupert while on safari some twenty years ago) with an extenda-handle, forcibly maintaining the aloof air of it not being there at all. Quietly whistling "How Great Thou Art". Wearing a light purple cravat and women's underpants.
Posted by: Peter Ransen at June 7, 2004 04:33 PM

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