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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A morning with Wiggles Corp

I took Sage to see the "Captain Feathersword Show" this morning. Far out, those people are making some money. They charge about 7 bucks per person to see a guy in a Captain Feathersword suit and a lovely and very talented young woman in a Wiggles t-shirt (because CF doesn't really sing, just prances about behind the Wiggles).

The young woman - whose voice was beautiful, despite the crud she was singing - really carried the show, particularly when CF's microphone failed and he had to leave the stage watched by a hundred or so tiring and suspicious toddlers. She sold the merchandise and (when I asked her) told me she also loads the truck and buys her own lunch. At least she's in "the entertainment industry" rather than waitressing, I suppose, but I bet she's on Equity minimum.

Of course, I went for Sage's enjoyment, not mine, and he loved his first live gig. I didn't realise quite how well we'd trained him though, until he gave the Captain the horned hand. Such pride.