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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Zoe blasts "rubbish" Prime Minister in Lodge

"We need a curriculum that encourages an understanding of the high-quality literature and not the rubbish." - John Howard
Rubbish. We need a curriculum that teaches us to analyse, appreciate and understand.

Understanding - and comprehension and intellectual curiosity- are perhaps a little more than the Prime Minister can manage: "When asked about the West Australian Government's "outcome-based" education program, Mr Howard replied: "That is gobbledegook - what does that mean?"

"If I don't know about it, it's not worth knowing about" can now join the Prime Minister's favourite mantra "It wasn't me, you didn't see it, you can't prove a thing."

Update: Dr Faustus casts his elegant eye over the same idiotic pronouncement here. And have a sniff around while you're there, he's very good.