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Friday, August 13, 2004

Going back

I've had a little "going back" theme happening this week, it's been very interesting. I have been working two days a week since May, and as my days are changing, over the last couple of weeks it happened to be that I worked Thursday-Friday and the following Monday-Tuesday. This meant that the little guy spent more time in a row in the care of someone other than me than he has before.

I didn't realise I'd worked four school days in a row until I breezed into the house on Tuesday night, deliriously happy and enjoying myself. It got a bit harder after that. It's been taking me a while to readapt to the rhythm of being 24 hours with a toddler, particularly one who's just started to go to daycare one day a week and seems to have learnt how to bash people up there.

Looking forward to work tomorrow. What did you learn at school today?