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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Dolly is a cracker

Daytime blogging is restricted to toddler nap time, so it's always nice when news of some goverment idiocy breaks at midday.

Dolly Downer has assured our powerful neighbours that we would never make a pre-emptive strike against them. We would only ever make a pre-emptive strike against our powerless neighbours. He said:

"... imagine a situation. It's not likely to be Indonesia or a country which has a strong counter-terrorism capability, but a failed state in the South Pacific, as the Solomons once was and is not now, and terrorists were about to attack and the country involved either didn't want to or in their case couldn't do anything to stop it."

Now, let's see, who'd be a good failed state, nice and local, uumm ... I know!

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