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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Byron without romance

Byron appears to be a new gardening dude around these parts, judging from a couple of signs and the absence of listed phone number. He has recently "fixed up" the front yard of a house around the corner that's just been bought and is now for rent. It is, I tell you, utterly vile.

Viler than Byron's landscaping (and his name, but let's save our fire) is his vehicle. It is an oversized B&S fancier type ute, spotlights, trailer 'n all. Across the front of the bonnet is one of those plasticky crap things with ridiculousness written on it, an uber-bumper sticker. His has a very attractive line drawing of a woman bending down, encircled by what I am guessing is Byron's motto, mantra and epitaph: "Doggy Style".

I was wondering out loud to the mummies who come to Thursday Sanity Sessions in my backyard (I live in the middle, on a bus route, so it's always my place) what kind of aim Byron had in putting his message out there?

He likes to screw doggy style? He thinks he would like to screw doggy style if he ever got to try it, more likely, I said. I agreed with the beautiful and stylish Colette (mama to Magdalena), that it's about his male friends thinking him a legend, not setting out to impress the ladies.

However,the killer blow was delivered by the groovy and slightly mysterious Pam (mama to Stirling and Clyde, and yes, she knows that at present both those names are borne by Canberra Brumby players, and no, of course that has nothing to do with it, you goose. She didn't even find out that Clyde meant "heard from afar" until he was a couple of months old and it was too late).

Anyway, Pam and her husbang Dan were at a service station early one afternoon. They had seen said ute and were as amused as I was. Dan popped in to pay and saw the female occupant of the car. She was purchasing servo porn. With loose change.

Way to go, Byron. Canberra's inner north salutes you.