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Thursday, September 16, 2004

People like her

"Latham trips on 'them' to reach us" - what a brilliant headline for Miranda Devine's article this morning, the one I was so eagerly awaiting in my last post. No quotation marks around the "us" in that headline, notice - it must be the same "us" as Howard's in 1996, "For all of us".

Miranda does identify "good elements of Labor's education policy - like the extra $1.9 billiion to government schools". However she remains convinced that these good works are destroyed by the "clotted class envy" that will be Latham's downfall.

Well why shouldn't there be a bit of class hatred directed at the kind of upper class twits who write things like:

"We all know Ascham women who won't go out with men who don't drive brand cars or didn't go to a 'brand' school".

(SMH, 25/03/04, archived and only available for a fee)

I don't for a minute think that she agrees with or admires these women, but she's still a moll to think it's a reasonable thing to publish.

We don't all know Ascham women of any description, Miranda, although as it happens I met a couple at Uni. I bet they couldn't tell you where I went to school.

Miranda winds up by saying that Latham has "based his political persona of the 'ladder of opportunity' metaphor, which is all about Us becoming Them, the ones he hates. It is a crucial inconsistency."

Wrong, wrong, wrong. His persona is based on the concept of decency, which is as class ridden as her formulation, but has the virtue of being a value rather than an explanation of a value.