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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Note to self:

next time I am 37 weeks pregnant, I must not attempt to wax my own bikini line.

Deb, one of the women in my mother's group, is due to have her second child in two and a half weeks. For some bizarre reason probably explicable on the basis of hormones or misguided nesting, she decided it would be a great idea to have a smart looking downstairs at the birth centre. Like the midwives care, or even appreciate the thought.

Now Deb is an intelligent and sensible woman. Her sister is a beautician so she has all the necessary kit at home. She got it all ready while her two year old slept and then realised that there was a full term infant blocking her view and reach.

Instead of intelligently and sensibly abandoning this endeavour, Deb constructed herself a platform of pillows and cushions on the bed and got a mirror. And prayed the two year old wouldn't wake up. Of course, all this effort proved useless. She burnt herself (ouchies), got wax all over the eiderdown (not noice) and had to give up half way through. She should have spent the $15 bucks in the first place.