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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Election pomes

I noticed that the SMH is soliciting election limericks. The best of a bad bunch was by a bloke called Doug Steley:

There once was a a sniveling coward
who went by the name of John Howard
He tortured the poor
And for an encore
gave tax cuts to those he'd empowered.

But most of them are more like this one, from David Barwick:

We're headed towards Australia's federal polling day
When Aussies will finally get to have their say
About issues, and taxes, and whether they believe
That John's telling the truth, or that Latham can lead
Whoever wins, you'll still have few rights, if gay.

Doesn't that last line scan beautiful?

Now, I have never been a fan of limericks. They are often dumb and almost always irritating. Being a cultural elite type person, I'm much more a fan of haiku. I will start the ball rolling and I encourage others to join me. 5/7/5 syllable format, special points for nature references, points deleted for rhyme. God knows we'll need a new hobby after the election, and bugger me if it'll be knitting.

Tony Abbott. Lawd -
the things that I would forgo
just to box those ears

Peter Costello
your "credibility" staked
look up my black hole

Dennis Shananhan
Do you have a second eye?
I didn't think so

Update: I see I have failed to capture the zeitgeist on this one. Think I'll leave the pomes to Darp from now on.