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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Leaders' Wives

I have gained new insights into Janette Howard courtesy of an article in the August edition of the Australian Women’s Weekly’s titled: “Leading Ladies: Why the Women of Australia Should Vote for Their Husbands”. Unfortunately the article is not online, but keep an eye out for it next time you’re at the doctor. (That is, of course, if you can afford to go – our local GP costs $52 a pop, $60 if you get crook on the weekend).

The Weekly provides a “fact file” on Mrs Howard, Mrs Latham, and Mrs Anderson. Mrs Howard, a Leo, taught English and History at Randwick Girls’ High School before marrying John; I do hope she was also teaching them good values. Mrs Howard is a fan of science fiction and Harry Potter. She likes “historical detective stories, but generally historical books annoy me – they’re too loose with the truth.”

Oh dear. That can't be making things easy at home.

The article contains some other lovely tidbits, particularly Jeanette’s comment “Part of me would be really pleased to go back to my own home.” Indeed. I could not be more delighted myself.

Mrs Lacy – “she always uses her maiden name” – is “reed slim after two children”. How aspirational!

She achieves this reed slimness by serving guests “store bought sandwiches” which she herself refuses, saying she holds back during the week so she can gutz herself with Mark on the weekend.

It sounds like he arouses her appetites in general. On Friday after he’s put the kids to bed it’s a glass of wine and some takeaway in the kitchen and then an early night. Endearingly, “Janine grins with sudden warmth, and a faint blush creeps into her pale face. 'We are both usually pretty tired', she adds hurriedly.”

Let's hope he's had a good rest and will be back on the job soon.