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Sunday, October 24, 2004

By their lycra, ye shall know them

It’s a quirky little place, Canberra, with its own charms and irritations.

F’rinstance, it shits me that you might be calmly scoping out some spunk in the Shop-Rite. You know, that husky outdoorsy type in a Kathmandu fleece* that Canberra does so well? And as your eyes drift downwards (no, further than that) you uncontrollably splutter with RAGE when you notice that the spunk SHAVES THEIR LEGS. Now tell me, how can you continue to consider someone to be a spunk when you see that?

It’s true that I do live not that far from the AIS. But there are such a large number of smooth legged fit looking chaps about that I find it impossible to believe they are all elite athletes obtaining a significant PB advantage from shaving their legs.

I mean, fine if they like it and all, but why then go about pretending ot be the husky, outdoorsy type? When you are obviously just a beefy gaylord? (BTW, am I the only person whose spellczecher automatically capitalises 'gaylord'?)

Perhaps this seems harsh. In general I have no issue with people doing what they will with their personal fur. But I mistrust these cyclists as they, their bikes, and their garish lycra clothing pollute the roads and cafes of Canberra every weekend. They are such monumental gear freaks that they have invented something called a "hydration pack" in order to have a drink of water when they're thirsty. They cost a hundred bucks, of course. Why can't they just refill the last squeezy bottle of water they bought, like normal people?

Perhaps I am becoming misanthropic and perhaps cycling is to be encouraged, given the kind of people who drive around here. But then again it's not the cycling I have a problem with, it's the appearance of cycling.

* Everyone - everyone - in Canberra, including babies, has an item of Kathmandu clothing. Me, it's a blue fleece, but at least I found mine in the park.