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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

No, Alex, fingerpainting is after we invade North Korea

I took this picture on Sunday. I thought it might come in handy at some point in the future. But whaddaya know, as soon as Alexander Downer opened his mouth, out the crap comes.

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This time it's "Downer floats media tip-off scenario in Baghdad bomb blast". What an enormous shame he didn't float the "rational thought" scenario, or the "speaking sense" one.

He told Southern Cross Radio:

"There's something that we are investigating which is that the media - some elements of the media, were on the site apparently within two minutes of the bomb going off," he said.

"Now there are some explanations for that.

"One of them is that the media may have just been nearby by coincidence.

"Another explanation is that somebody in the media was tipped-off about this and that was how they got there as quickly as they did."

There is another explanation for that, one which is noted in the article. "The blast occured about 350 metres from the Australian embassy and one of the hotels where many journalists are based."

Just as well John Martinkus wasn't there.

(And don't you just heart that Nabakov to death?)