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Monday, November 22, 2004

The weekend's viewing

I'm happy for Casey and everything, having been on Team Casey since the beginning. I have some regrets for the same reasons pointed out here by Jellyfish, but also a great sadness that I did not put ten bucks on her at a 101-1 at Centrebet about six weeks ago. Bugger.

Still, best viewing of the weekend for me was Iron Chef! which returned to excellence after a few lacklustre episodes. Japanese game show ridiculousness combined with fine food, exceedingly esoteric ingredients and frenzied commentary. There is a weekly challenger, and four Iron Chefs - Japanese! Chinese! press the buttons, what are these? French! and Italian.! My favourite is Hiroyuki Sakai, Iron Chef French! who was this week's victor in the Battle Bonito against the first ever sushi Chef to challenge, Funatsu Hiromi.

The cherry on top of the whole confection is Chairman Kaga.

Not a real Chairman

I was bitterly disturbed while tooling around the Iron Chef sites to find out that Chairman Kaga is NOT REAL! I know you look at that picture and don't believe me, but I am very trusting and can be surprisingly silly.