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Friday, January 21, 2005

Bugger Beazley, vote for me

Keks is running the Australian Blog Awards. You can vote for me! Go on, I did!*

I promise that if I win anything I will reprise my acceptance speech for my 6th class all round terrific student prize** in a manner that has since been popularised by the famous:


* Well, I gave my first preference to the people I had nominated, as I am a love beast of principle. But then it was me, me, me all the way.

** While the citizenship and academic bits were not a real challenge, the sports bit was something of a stretch. Fortunately my primary school was next door to what was then called a "special school", and most classes had a special kid spend a day a week in the class. In enormous relief at not coming last in the running race at the sports carnival, I cheered on Kelly, from my class, who finished after me. This was considered a sterling display of good sportingness and got me over the line.