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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Hello, you!

Everyone and their dog wants to run as the Labor candidate in Werriwa - there's a bit of discussion about it here at Troppo Armadillo.

I think what we need is someone feisty, with ideas. Someone with a bit of class. Someone who's been around for a long time, someone who the people of Werriwa identify with.


Someone like Gough.

What the hell, the American congress has been filled with pedantic geriatrics for years, and they're ruling the world. Alright, so we won't let him near the till and he bangs on a ridiculous amount, but who apart from me and Rowen listens to Parliament anyway?

Remember how exciting it was with Latham for a little while there? Thanks for the ride. And where's fricken' Back Pages when you need it? Bloody nowhere.