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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Flop Eared Treasure

Amanda is the nicest girl, in addition to having exquisite musical taste. I posted a Bob Dylan epiphany and she sent me two CDs of different recordings of "Blood on the Tracks", the record I fell in love with. They are much slower in parts than the version we had, so I've also had the pleasure of the house being filled with the sound of O learning "Tangled up in Blue" on the guitar.

Tim at Road to Surfdom has been toying with Amanda's beautiful meme. Scroll down to "thing 3" and ponder:
When I am an eccentric billionaire with a mountain I will carve out a musical Mt Rushmore: Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Randy Newman."

It's harder than it sounds. For me it's Elvis, Dylan, Hendrix and John Frusicante. Bob Marley and Tricky will be represented by the pilgrims smoking spliffs while they admire the view. The Rev Gary Davis will be represented by the tears of joy that spring to the pilgrims' eyes.

O is stilling mulling over his selection. I told him mine and he got a bit concerned - "You're talking about a whole mountain here. You have to think of the aesthetics".

crazy horse

You know about my near-namesake being carved in the hills of South Dakota, right? The largest statue in the world, crafted with dynamite and love. The Black Hills have been -are - a really interesting part of American history. There is an excellent book called "Bury my heart at wounded knee" by Dee Brown which I suggest you all go out and obtain now.