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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Summernats is completely the bomb and I utterly heart it

The Sunday Canberra Times and I agree. The leering yobbos of the past seem to have stopped coming to Summernats or smartened up their acts. Without people pissing on your shrubs and rooting in your driveway, Summernats is a totally choice way to dump $20 million into the local economy over a long weekend.

I mean, how can you be sad about a bit of revving and fireworks when this pulls up next to you at the lights?

Or this. You may just be able to make out the numberplate - it's TOEYV8. Noice. The special Summernats supplement in the paper today featured some of the more "creative" plates around - like TITS LOW, VL2DY4, ITSSIK , V8MUSL and - my favourite - LOW O1Q. Indeed.

The newspaper snappers didn't get all the good numberplates. To do they would have had to leave Exhibition Park and cruise the titty bars of nearby Mitchell. Which is what I did to find Q2PERV. Lovely, isn't it?

Thoughtfully, such venues provide transport for inebriated rev-heads.

The security guy with the waving on wand outside Exhibition Park was very apologetic about us being stuck behind the mini bus, but I was too busy wondering if anyone really thought they would find "Brigett" at a Canberra pole dancing joint. (Although you never know, it is the sector's busiest time of the year. We even have to import tarts from Sydney.)

It looks like so much fun I think we should all go next year and compete. I have given a little run down of some of the more popular events below to help you chose your category.


"They put water on the track to start with ... what the judges look for is instant smoke, and you need a dry surface to do that. [Debbie Gray, overall winner in 2001] said budding burnout masters should control the car as it was driven down to the burnout pad, keeping the wheel-speed high but the speed of the car low."

The aim is to blow out both tyres - "That's what you want," [husband and 2003 champ Peter Gray] said, "blow one, and the crowd will love you. Blow two, and you're a god."


Is where you start fast as buggery and stop on a white line 100 metres away. Summernats announcer Milton Adey says: "Go to whoa's a nice, safe club event. It shows the driving skill, gets you out in front of the crowd ... but you don't have to hurt your car, burnouts are a bit severe."


Won this year by 23 Tania Lazarou, a trainee neurosurgeon Qantas trolley dolly from Northern Sydney who placed third last year. "I do like to think it was my personality and confidence" Tania said. Which makes sense to me. On the other hand, it is possible that it was her fantastic legs and big tits which got her over the line.

* Quotes are from Saturday's Canberra Times and bugger me if I can be bothered digging up the individual links after arsing around with stupid Picassa (Hello? Hello?) for fourteen hours.