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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Well, that was fun, wasn't it?

There's always a weird moment meeting your blog friends in the flesh for the first time. Fortunately for us, Steev's attempt to explain to the restaurant staff that the champagne was not intended to taste like mildew and we wanted a replacement gave us all something to distract ourselves with for ten minutes or so.

Nick Crustacean's wife had thoughfully held off giving birth so he could come, and so did Kay, commenter Jenster, David, Mark, Rach, Matty, Mel, and a few others who I didn't get to talk to while I was still sober and therefore able to remember much.

The night was very good fun. We did indeed drink the place out of champagne which may have helped. Dean got the conversational ball rolling by asking everyone why they started blogging. And you would start that conversation, wouldn't you, when your own story involved exciting stabbing incidents and necessitated the demonstration of scars?

We were a bit late getting to the pub, so hopefully Rob and Mick didn't give up in disgust. Andy will hopefully come next time. Bless him, he's a bit shy.

I believe at one stage of the evening - the later part, obviously, - I asked TJ to show me her nipple, which she kindly did. I also confessed to Sikkukkut (who comments at TJs) that I had never known how to pronounce his nickname and had always thought of him as Sickunt. So yes, I'm pretty sure I wowed 'em with the grace and sophistication.