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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

And great was our grief by reason of this.

I have the evil lurgy, and no attention span whatsoever. I can't manage a real book, so I picked up the freebie sampler of first chapters from Voyager's new titles, Voyager being "the premier fantasy and science fiction list in Australia" according to the back of the book. It started reasonably, but quickly descended to this kind of stuff:

And now we were confounded, for even as had happened in the land of the sunset, our migration into the land of longer summers had met with disaster. The man-things of that region had proved to be even more cruel than those we had encountered in the land of the sunset, and our dear Vlagh shrieked in agony as we swiftly bore her away from the broad water which grew larger and larger with each passing of that which brings light to her realm.

Thank you, David and Leigh Eddings for bringing us "Crystal Gorge", book three of the Dreamers trilogy (of course).

I'm not the biggest science fiction fan in the world, and this crap is not going to help convert me. Yea, my own Vlagh did verily shriek in agony. And again yea, the post title is all the Eddings' work too.