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Monday, November 14, 2005

The revolution will not be run outta a call centre

I hope you're all ready for tomorrow's National Day of Community Protest at the travesty that is about to befall our industrial relations system. I probably won't be able to go as I'm a bit crook and child wrangling, but the husbang will be there.

In Canberra, venue is the Betting Hall at the Race Course in Mitchell (and Fair Conditions out of Sense of Decency is almost certain to be scratched - sorry, can't help self). Buses will be leaving from Platform 8 in Civic from 8 am. Details for your town are here.

We've been getting heaps of telemarketing calls, so when the phone rang just as the husbang was putting Sage in the bath, I was ready to just tell them no and hang up as usual. But they used his first name, and when I asked told me that it was his union (also mine, the CPSU). I assumed - as you would - that they were calling to rev up the troops for tomorrow; even Sage's kindy calls the day before dress up day to remind you.

But no - there's a union election on. No mention of the Protest. He told them to cross my name off the list, same household. So when they called half an hour later for me, he asked why they weren't at least piggybacking a "see you tomorrow!" into the conversation. Because they are in Brisbane, and don't know the local details. sigh. But they can get you a cheap plasma screen, according to last week's mail.

Update: Ducky reports on the rally in Canberra. Hopefully the Loadedog will have some photos later on - he has some interesting snippets from the last day or so about federal agency employees being subject to scare tactics about attending the rally.