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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

For namesakes

By popular demand*, a report of the latest goings on in the menagerie.

Firstly, Miss Elizabeth Bennet has been Sent To The Country. She had gone horribly broody, which was a pain because she kept sitting in the box when the others were trying to lay. The big boofers just layed on top of her, but the lowest in the pecking order, Miss Ginger Rogers, got horribly hen-pecked.

So it was orf to the country for the uncharacteristcally nasty Miss Bennet. She's gone to Mr Darcy's chook pen, believe it or not, but appears to have hooked up with Colonel Fitzwilliam instead. Here's a picture of them together. Poor Lizzie.

Ready to be stuffed

Could be worse. Darcy is a Plymouth, and about two and half times the size of Fitzwilliam.

Secondly, and more cheerfully, we have rescued a poor lost pusscat from the RSPCA. Kids, meet Mischa.

Satan's pussy

Mishca likes the fishies. A lot. It's just as well they're in water.

Gorn Fishing

According to my name origin book, Mischa is a diminuitive of Michael and thus means "Who is like God?" I think we've found a much more apt name for her than we did for poor Lizzie.

* yes, really.