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Sunday, October 31, 2004

50 ml red wine + $3000 toshiba = 0

Laptop off to the wreckery, tomorrow, I fear. Like Chris' recent email blackout, it has provided some time to think.

Mainly, I've been thinking about how much I wish I hadn't screwed up my beautiful computer, but also, about how a few months of exposure to the blogosphere has made me dissatisfied with print media.

I have always been a Herald reader. My Mum and Dad stayed with us this weekend, and the house was full of sections of the papers, at least three or four papers a day. But they've lost their appeal, especially the SMH, my lifelong staple. When I was an exchange student in Brazil, fat packets of cuttings would arrive every week with my mother's handwriting on the envelope. She had a serious car accident a month before I came home and the packets after that were addressed by Casio, the Brazilian kid living with Mum and Dad. He had to re-address the first one because it was in the car when her brakes failed and she drove into a coal truck, and it had been covered in her blood. Now I am annoyed at the piles of crap everyone, and my husbang is happy I can finally see his point.

Mums are good to have around at times like this. O and I went out on Friday night (which is very rare). We came home at quarter to two and the little guy was standing on the front door step in his red jarmies as we rode our bikes around the corner. He had woken up, found us absent and gone looking, while Mum and Dad snored obliviously on. Mum pointed out that this was actually a far worse thing than stuffing up an object that is replaceable with simple money. Which was very decent of her.

I am around at Ampersand Duck's house tonight having some whines and checkin' out the gear for her upcoming connubials. And I went for a two hour bike ride today with the husbang around the lake while my Aunty Tiser took the little guy to the zoo (he tried to climb into the monkey cage). So it's not all bad.

And thanks for all your kind comments. Sedge, you are a naughty man! - all the squillions of times I've had a glass of horrible plonk over that computer without a problem. The folks come to town and lash out, and look what I do.