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Thursday, February 03, 2005

A day I thought would never come

Obviously, the Liberal government are not my favourite people. But I believe in giving credit where it's due, so this morning I sent the following email:

senator.payne@aph.gov.au, senator.kcpatterson@aph.gov.au, B.Nelson.MP@aph.gov.au, J.Hockey.MP@aph.gov.au, senator.ferris@aph.gov.au, S.Stone.MP@aph.gov.au

Dear Senators and Members

I am writing to express my appreciation of your public comments supporting the right of women to choose to terminate a pregnancy. I am not a Liberal supporter, but I believe it is important that those who value women's ability to access safe and affordable abortion services stand together when that ability is under threat.

Thank you

These people will be receiving vast numbers of emails and calls calling them baby slaughtering murderers and the like. It's important that we don't get shouted down.

I encourage anyone else who shares my views to do the same. If you find another conservative politician who's speaking out, please let me know in comments.

Here are the links to the media reports of the Senators' and Members' comments:

Marise Payne

Kay Patterson
Jeannie Ferris, Joe Hockey, Brendan Nelson and Sharman Stone

Update: the only one to reply so far is Jeannie Ferris. She thanks me and says that we'll be needing to speak up as this unfolds. I agree.