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Friday, February 18, 2005

Little end of the week, here I am, type post. Oh, and a PARTY!

I have been posting sporadically for a while, and I've just worked out why.

I've been changing a few ingrained habits lately. Not by design, but as I start delving into one vice, another one jumps up. It's like those games where you hit faux rodents on the head with a mallet.

Anyway, it turns out that the part of the brain used for rodent mashing is the exact part of the brain used to blog. At least for me. Nothing occurs to me as being something I might want to blog about. So until something does, I'll be having a little rest and reading your blogs.

And another thing:

TJ and I have been talking about a little meetup for the Canberra blogging crowd, so how about the 26th of Feb, which is Saturday week? As we were kid-friendly last time, I suggest we go adult friendly this time, although not in a Ms-Fits-type way. (Unless you're really hot, of course. Or David Hassellhoff.)

Discussion has commenced over at TJ's. Let us know via comments/email where would be fun to go and what to do. (And no, I am not never drinking alcohol again and would love the opportunity to show you all how I can ride my bike pissed. It's pretty funny, apparently).

And one final thing:

I have really tried, Link, to stretch this post out as much as possible to move David on down the page. I hope it's working for you.