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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

motherhood statements

One of the trickier things about looking after a small child is the constant change. Many kids really thrive with some level of routine, but their own needs and capabilities are changing so fast that it's hard to adapt.

For their mummies, that is. Sage is just starting to drop his middle of the day sleep. I was terrified when he went from two day sleeps to one, but it actually made it more convenient to organise the rest of the day. I have resisted and resisted his desire to stay awake all day because I'm so greedily possessive of that hour or two to blog, cook, garden, etc. Oh, alright, mainly blog.

But you cannot fight someone to sleep, even someone who is three feet tall. Particularly if that person hasn't really got a handle on the concepts of reason or delayed gratification (limitations not restricted to todders, of course.)

Letting him stay awake has seen him asleep by about 7:30 at night, which means there's time to eat, talk to O, do fun stuff and even turn on the computer. And he's waking up later in the morning. Having spent the most part of the last two years getting up around 5 am (in Canberra, in winter) this is a real joy.

It was the scary and the unknown that was making me afraid. Like a lot of other things, it's much easier than I thought it was going to be, because before the event the yucky parts were so much more obvious than the benefits.