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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Queen of the Solomons comes to town

What a cracker of a night I had last night. J-Mo, who has been my friend since I was four, has been living in the Solomon Islands for the last few months and working for UNDEP. She's whirlwinded back through town and could only see me last night, so I rescheduled my date with the gracious TJ (although she might have been busy anyway) and called up another old mate of ours to come 'round for dinner.

It was about 8 degrees here last night (and all day, and now - I've got a freakin' beanie on and my fingers are so cold I can barely type) so J-Mo got to borrow some flannette pjs and ugh boots and sigh in happiness at not being in the tropical heat for a little while.

She says she's been a bit up and down - the ordinary peaks and troughs of life are magnified by her lack of familiarity with her new home, and she misses her friends and family deeply. She was a bit lonely and sad on her birthday, which is Christmas Eve. So her new friends in Honiara SLAUGHTERED A PIG FOR HER and had a big party where they all sang her a special song. This cheered her up no end. My birthday is on June 27, and I am now expecting an animal sacrifice also.

I want something like this. Including the buff boys in outfits, thanks.

PS - she says there are a lot of spunks in the Solomons, but also many funny-looking people.