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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Party like it's February 26

Plans have been settled for a meetup on Saturday. I will book a table for "blog" (because I am so goddam funny) at Little Saigon on Alinga Street at 7:30 pm on Saturday. It's in the Novotel Building on Alinga St (ie Jolimont Centre).

Further carrying on will be had at the Wig and Pen from about 9-ish. Trickily, the Wig and Pen is also on Alinga Street.

This is an open invitation event. All bloggers, commenters, lurkers, mates and lovers are welcome to come along to either or both parts. Please let others know, and in particular any newer bloggers. If you want to come for dinner, please comment or email so I can get an idea of numbers to make the booking.

One person I'm looking forward to meeting is David, who writes Let's try that again and is a sensational photographer. Check out his idea of Canberra bloggers surfacing to meet in the flesh:

heads up by David

How cool is that?