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Monday, April 11, 2005

Things I didn't buy at the bookfair

A bit of a disappointing bookfair, all told. Came home with some gypsy music and a Johnny Cash compilation, some American history and a couple of novels. Nothing on last year's haul.

Before I went, I had read about Ampersand Duck's ability to resist buying a volume of verse titled "She Vomits like a Lady", so I kept an eye out for some special items that I found quite resistible. And yes, "She Vomits ... " was still there the next day.

As was "Three Goats on a Bender". A very handsome volume, for sure, but unlikely to sustain one's interest. Especially since it was in the expensive room.

Shocking photo, I know. Doesn't do her justice. It says: "Your one and only Mrs Mills! I was Queen Victoria's Chambermaid and other piano favourites" Unlikely, I thought.

Fucking pan pipes. Not even the llama likes 'em.

Very tempted by this, especially as the sign that sharpie is pointing to says "Bed and Breakfast. Served with pleasure!" But no.

The thing that was hardest not to take home was this bumper sticker I found in the car park:

I would have had to buy that. Probably a couple, so I could send one to Bad News Hughes, who I found originally through Burnt Karma.

(And while I'm on the linkfest here, Sorrow at Sill's Bend is a good new read and you can catch up on Freeway 9 while Jo has a rest.)