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Monday, January 30, 2006

Hope springs

There's a lot of whinging about the calibre of ALP candidates, largely because many of them are crap. So I was very sad after the last ACT election that we'd missed out on electing the magnificent Mike Hettinger by 300 or so votes. It took days for the count, and there was much biting of nails and bemoaning that I had only discovered Mike the night before the election, preoccupied as I was with the federal election the week before.

Time passes and you get on with things, of course. But excitingly, ACT Treasurer Ted Quinlan (yes, we have one) has resigned. The way things work in the ACT, all votes that counted for Ted (and only those) get recounted.

Yes! We may yet find ourselves with a Jesuit-educated Soviet-saving greenie peace-loving decorated war veteran rocket scientist romantic in the Assembly. Who has fundraising costumed pirate cruises on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Join me in sending your good vibes Mike-wards!

If he wins, I'm buying him a new tie to celebrate.