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Friday, February 24, 2006

kinder surprise*

It's a very good thing for a child to become more independent over time. Joyously, Sage is now out of nappies, only wearing pull-ups at night. For the blessedly ignorant, pull-ups are disposable absorbent undies that are way cooler than nappies and heaps easier to get your toddler into. (Of course they cost twice as much as the fanciest disposable nappies.)

I picked Sage up from day care this afternoon and found some mysteriously stained wipes in his bag. Then I took out his lunchbox and some undies and a poo fell out. Bless him, he'd had "an askident" and instead of telling one of the carers he'd gone to his bag, wiped his bum, changed his pants and chucked the disgusting ones and a turd in for Mum to deal with later. It's a good thing he's so cute (and affectionate):

I don't think you can come into the kitchen

I tell you this only because - judging from past experience at crazybrave - everyone loves a poo story.

* and I had to change the post title after my sister came out with this one. Too good to waste.