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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The tribe has spoken

RU 486 Bill passes the House of Reps.

Please extinguish your torch Tony, and leave the tribal council area immediately.

A big "thank you, sister!" to Senators Nash, Moore, Allison and Troeth. Email them your love like I just did. Email addy syntax is senator.surname@aph.gov.au

Clarification for the wilfully dense: last night at LP, Currency Lad accused this post at of demonstrating "what this is really about", ie getting up Tony Abbott. My reply on that thread is here.

But in case someone is cruising by and forms that impression, please be reassured that the only reason Abbott's face is up there is because he pushed himself front and centre into the debate, and characterised the result as a reflection on him.

Gillard was right - "It's not all about you, Tony." It's about reproductive medicine not having more regulatory burdens than other types of medicine, and about enabling the choices of women.

Shorter clarification: IT'S THE WOMEN, STUPID.