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Sunday, February 12, 2006

What I said

Dear Members

I write to encourage you to vote to regulate the drug RU 486 through the TGA.

I had a miscarriage in 2003*, and was advised I didn't need a D&C. It turned out, several weeks later, that I did. I had to wait nearly a month to access a D&C through the public hospital system. I couldn't afford to do it privately, so I ended up with weeks more heavy bleeding and pain, not to mention distress. Perhaps using RU 486 under my GP's supervision would have saved me that? I hope it could assist someone in a similar situation.

I understand that enabling the TGA to regulate RU 486 means that it prescribes - as it does for other medications - the safe manner in which it is able to be used. I believe that if this system is adequate for all other therapeutic goods and medications, it should be good enough for RU 486. If it isn't, what are we going to do about the TGA? Similarly, if we need to revisit what community standards are about access to terminations of pregnancy, let's do it directly.

I urge you to use your conscience vote to allow Australian women to exercise their own consciences. Please support the Bill.


* A mistake, it was 2004.


Peter Lindsay
, Liberal, Qld - agrees.
Louise Markus, Liberal, NSW - all email answered with snail mail letters - please send address. I did, but said I wasn't seeking a formal reply.
Trish Draper, Liberal, SA - it is still a matter of conjecture whether this method of abortion is even safe [that's why the TGA will be required to evaluate it - Ed]. Will not be supporting the Bill.
Kim Wilkie, Labor, WA - current scheme is unworkable, and is affecting those seeking to use RU 486 to treat cancer.
Julia Irwin, Labor,NSW - agrees.
Tony Windsor, Independent, NSW - non committal thanks for sending message.
Wilson Tuckey, Liberal,WA - same reply Kate got, see comments.
Kelly Hoare, Labor, NSW - supporting the Bill.
Alan Cadman, Liberal, Vic - RU 486 is unique, possibly dangerous and he will not be supporting the Bill. He attaches a soon-to-be-published article which states that the TGA admits it is unqualified to make determinations about the drug, refers to research from our old mates the Southern Cross Bioethics Institute, and recent New Zealand research which he says "indicates there are long-term psychological consequences of having an abortion". Don't agree of course, but he has paid me the courtesy of a detailed (if standard) reply which actually sets out his views - as did Kelly Hoare, btw.
Jill Hall, ALP, NSW - supports the Bill.
Lindsay Tanner, ALP, Vic - says "Australia’s longstanding system of having scientific experts, not politicians, make decisions about the availability of drug"